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Termite Problems in Virginia Beach, Va

Termites – the worst pest on earth (well, not quite, but they are an absolute threat). They are certainly one of the least desirable pests. The amount of damage that termites can cause is almost unimaginable. To avoid the damage that termites can cause, you must seek professional pest professionals. If you think you have termites, or are concerned at all, please call us now 757-781-1003.

Termite problem in Virginia Beach

If you are not already on the phone, read on

Termites are very small, wood-boring pests that tunnel underground. They chew through wood, typically starting with outdoor sources, and then start moving toward structures. It’s because our homes and businesses provide them with a full and delicious menu wood to feed on. Termites are very common pests in the Virginia Beach area and they must be dealt with professionally.

Once termites are identified as being present on your property, they can quickly cause the following problems:

Wood Damage:

Since termites eat from the inside out, you may not even know that they have infiltrated your property. Bubbled wallpaper or weakened spots in your walls may be detectable but not easily. Wood damage is very hard to identify in today’s modern homes where most of the wood is covered by drywall or other finishes.

Plant and Landscape issues:

A termite infestation typically starts outside in trees, bushes, and other plants. This attack not only harms the plants themselves, but their tunnels can lead to soil collapses that create other landscaping problems that are identifiable to a professional.


Termites are a lot like other pests – they multiply quickly. Once they start consuming your home, you need to act fast, and hopefully it is not too late. Between the alates (flying termites) to the soldiers and workers, they will multiply exponentially. Call us today to get professional help to stop or prevent termites in your home.

Prevention Tips

If you are still not convinced that you need professional help with termites in Virginia Beach, please follow these prevention tips:

Do not pile wood near your home. Keep wood, all wood, at least twenty feet from your home.

Reduce moisture around and especially under your home. Check for standing water in that crawl space and if you find it, fix it. Termites are attracted by damp and cool spaces.

Trees and bushes – make sure they are all trimmed back from your home. Keeping distance from your home – about one foot from your home and two feet from each other.  Any dead branches that fall should be picked up as well.

Mulch – avoid natural, untreated mulch near your home.

And once again, if you think you already have a termite problem in your Virginia Beach home, please call us immediately – we will help. Call 757-781-1003

Contact us if you have further questions or need to talk to our office.