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Stinging Pest Problems in Virginia Beach, Va

Stinging pests are an absolute nuisance and can be very dangerous for people with allergies.  We identify stinging pests in Virginia Beach to include the following list of pests.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets – the more aggressive version of a wasp and hyper aggressive when defending their nest. The yellow jacket has very well defined yellow and black stripes on the body.  You may also notice some species make paper nests in trees or in general above the ground. Some other species make nests in the ground.  If you positively identify yellow jackets, call us promptly at 757-781-1003.


Wasps are closely related to yellow jackets and some will resemble yellow jackets. You will notice them flying all around your home early in the spring looking for places to build nests. Once the nests are built, they too defend them vigorously. The will also crawl into small openings and build nests out of sight. Wasps will build nests anywhere they can keep dry and out of the elements. Common sprays will get rid of wasps but there are risks involved. It’s always best to call us at 757-781-1003.


Bees – when we think of bees, it’s the honey producing pollinators that are necessary for so many things. But there are also very damaging bees, such as carpenter bees. These bees burrow deep into the wood and build nests that are out of site. They are large bodies and are very aggressive, especially in the spring when they are looking to new nesting opportunities. Call us for all of your bee problems in Virginia Beach at 757-781-1003


Hornets – nobody likes hornets and they do not like us either. Hornets in Virginia Beach are very aggressive and will often chase people. They are typically the largest in the wasp family and look very similar to the yellow jacket.  And like all others in the wasp family, they aggressively guard their nests. They are also known to attack in large groups, which is very dangerous. Call us immediately to get rid of your hornet problem in Virginia Beach at 757-781-1003