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Rodent Problems in Virginia Beach, Va

Think, or know, you have a rodent problem in your Virginia Beach home? It’s very common to have rodents in your Virginia Beach home, we have treated thousands of homes with all types of rodents in your area.

Signs that you have a rodent problem

The number one call that we get is – I hear something in my walls, or my attic…Here are some additional things that people notice around their homes:

Droppings – Mice, rats and several other small rodents leave droppings behind that may seem like a mystery at first. You will find these droppings in the crawl space, in drawers, cabinets, pantries and many other places that these types of rodents like to hide in Virginia Beach homes.

Noises – Things that go bump in the night are often rodents scurrying through your home at all hours. When you are lying in bed and hear rodents crawling around in your attic space and you cannot figure out what it is? Rodents. In many cases, especially in Virginia Beach, it will be squirrels or even raccoons.

Chewed or gnawed surfaces – These little rodents, and even the larger ones, will chew on wood, plastic, metal or pretty much anything to get to food or to build themselves a shelter in your home. You may even hear this gnawing from time to time – please call us if you hear these noises or find gnawed surfaces. Chances are that we have seen the same marks elsewhere and we can solve your problem.

Or, you simply see them. An absolute sign that you have rodents in your Virginia Beach home is when you see them scurry across the floor, counter or any surface in your home. When you see this, give us a call and we will get a technician to your home and get rid of your rodent problem.

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Rodent Problems Virginia Beach
Rodent Problems Virginia Beach

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